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Product Name£º EC FFU BLDC Fan Controller Model No£º GPC-BL400


Why use EC/BLDC Fan and speed controller in FFU EFU for clean room?

50%~60% energy saving than AC motor.
Intelligence remote control by RS485 MODBUS RTU and Lonworks network protocol.
BLDC motor with electronic communitated technology.
ErP2013, ErP2015, CE, CCC, RoSH compliant.
Available in 300W, 500W, 700W, 1000W and 1500W.
Optional Fan controller, EC centrifugal fan, repeater, etc.
Low price and good service, saving your money.

Specifications of bldc fan speed controller

1. Input voltage: AC230V 50/60Hz
2. Size: 240x68x88mm
3. Max Power: 700W
4. Variable Speed: 0~1400rpm by PWM and 0-10VDC
5. RS485 communication by MODBUS RTU and Lonwork protocol by LISA software

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