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ECM Motors
GP ECM motor (Electronically commutated ) is most energy saving motor with efficiency up to 70%, compared to 15 % for a conventional shaded pole motor. The ECM range of motors offer exceptional energy savings (up to 5 times), quiet cool operation and long life. Available in output power up to 1HP, single speed, two speed, variable speed and NTC speed control optional.

ECM Motor for Refrigeration
GP 71 series ECM motors are drop in replacements to the regular shade pole motor from 2W to 34W. it have same mounting dimensions and accessories, such as bracket, ring, guard grilles, etcs. efficiency up to 70%, compared to 15 % for a conventional shaded pole motor.Saving energy and your money!

EC External Rotor Motor
Electronically commutated external rotor motors of the ECE series for the power range from 3 to 900 watts. with simple design, Cost effective, Unsurpassed service life ,Relatively high inertia, High speed also with low voltages, Low detent (winding with iron core), Block commutation with and with or without Hall sensors, Integrated electronics available and Can be combined with GP gears.

EC Fan Coil Motors
The electronically commutated internal rotor motors of the ECI series features exceptional power density and high dynamics, flat and short design, Unsurpassed service life, Maintenance-free, Small magnetic cogging, Excellent volume/performance ratio. Partially integrated electronics and a wide variety of combination options from the modular system offer an extensive range of options in the power range up to 1hp.
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