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GP Team News

EC Fan show in China refrigeration CRH 2013

Are you ready for China refrigeration 2013-CHR 2013?  GP tech will show our new EC Motor and fan in this exhibition. The 24th International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage in April 8-10, 2013 in Shanghai Int'Expo.Centre, China.

【NEWS】EC Fan in Carton Fair 2012

Canton Fair is the largest biannual China trade fairs held in Guangzhou. Date Announced of Canton Fair 2012 Autumn:Phase One: 15th-19th October, 2012 (9:00-18:00); Phase Two: 23rd-27th October, 2012 (9:30-18:00); Phase Three: 31th October - 4th November, 2012 (9:30-18:00)

【NEWS】EC Technology highlights at Chillventa 2012 in Nuremberg
There will once again be many attractions at the international industry trade fair for refrigeration, room air and heat pumps – particularly EC technology. Especially in EC Fans and EC Motors and drives for a wide variety of air-conditioning and refrigeration applications is not only the most comprehensive, but also the most energy-efficient. The company like EBM Papat will bring new way to further decrease energy consumption, increase efficiency and minimize noise. For example, by using new materials such as those in the RadiCal and HyBlade® fans, with intelligent electronics such as those in the iQ²-motor or by optimizing the air flow, as with our latest product highlight: the AxiTop diffuser.

【BLOG】Advantages of EC Fan with EC technology
EC Fan with Electronically commutated motor can save 1/3 energy of industry standard fans and save your money; offer easy, quiet, efficient speed control; Intelligent electronic control and make your products more competitive; significant noise reduction; Make your other components more efficient; Use very simple connection and additional functions for choice, such as pressure control, temperature control, etc. The another advantage is EC fans which can be connected directly to an AC mains supply rather than a separate DC power supply, making them easy to substitute for inefficient AC fans.

【Technology Innovation】High Efficiency ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) for Refrigeration
High Efficiency ECM (Electronically Commuted Motor) have more output power, less energy consumption and wasted heat and longer expected bearing life, which is 4 to 5 times more efficient than a regular shaded pole motor. Compared to 15 % for a conventional shaded pole motor, Our ECM motor is most energy saving motor with efficiency up to 70%, and can save the user up to 65 percent in energy usage.

【Technology Innovation】What is the future of Fan Filter Units (FFU) ? EC Technology!
Fan Filter Units (FFU) with EC Motor and Fan become more and more popular. You know, require a smart-motor fan system, an interface to the fan, network consolidation, and PC software customization for each individual installation will be required in FFU-Fan Filter Units. At that time, AC systems were unable to match the performance and system integrity of the EC systems and a clear, two-tier system evolved. With the introduction of AC control systems that operate out-of-the-box.

【BLOG】What is EC Motor??
Electronically Commutated (EC) Motor means Permanent-magnet brushless DC motor but with a AC operated (230Volts Single phase or 380/480Volts 3phase, 50/60Hz). The EC Motor within the rotor, but the stator is driven by electronic switches (which replace the Carbon brushes), controlled by a microcontroller. Electronic system includes Hall Effect sensor or software is used to recognize the rotor position.

【BLOG】What is EC Technology?

EC stands for Electronically Commutated which means the motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a normal AC supply. EC motors are more efficient than AC motors because they use permanent magnets rather than induce a secondary magnetic field in the rotor. With the EC motor assembly, more space is saved because of the EC motor incorporates voltage transformation within the motor. The non-rotating part of the motor (stator) is extended to make room for an electronic PCB board which includes power transformation AC to DC, as well as the controls. But if DC Motor used in an AC application, the power needed converting AC to DC, have to using a bulky, inefficient transformer.


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