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Inline Duct Fans
Using EC technology. available in 100(4"), 125(5"), 150(6"), 200(8"), 250(10") and 315(12"). It can save 30-40% of energy by 0-10V/PWM speed control. A high quality external rotor motor with backward curved and forward curved impeller guarantees energy saving and trouble-free operation. our EC inlne fans are easy to connect and their ball bearing motor is very easy to speed control. Operate over a wider range of DC voltage 24V, 48V or AC voltage from 115V to 380v 50/60Hz as standard, without affecting.

Inline Duct Fans
These fans all have line duct connections and an EC centrifugal fan with backward curved or forward curved impellers. Available in 8 sizes from 100/4", 125/5", 150/6", 160/6", 200/8", 250/10", 315/12" for AC Input 115V, 230V 50/60Hz. they are widely used for clean-room technology, ventilation, air-conditioning, building, etc.
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