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Axial Fans
High Efficiency EC/DC Axial Fans with simple control, High-efficiency, low noise, explosion-proof, energy saving designs in EC technology with standardized integration of control functions and sensor signals (tacho output, 0-10V or PWM input) and many other features. Operate over a wider range of DC voltage 24V, 48V or AC voltage from 115V to 380v 50/60Hz as standard, without affecting. Wide range of accessories, including guard grilles, guard grilles and wall rings. Furthermore, in EC design, they become intelligent "energy-saving wonders" for an extremely wide range of applications, such as Air heaters, Heat pumps, Condensers, Cooling units, Evaporators and Chillers,data centers cooling, etc.

EC DC Axial Fan
GP EC DC Axial Fan: •simple control, low noise, explosion-proof, energy saving designs (tacho output, 0-10V or PWM input) and more pretty features. •Saving 30-40% of energy than traditional AC axial fans and meet ErP2013 and ErP2015. Advantages of EC DC Axial flow Fan 1. Can save 1/3 energy than AC equivalent, Save your money. 2. Low motor temperature: for longer lifetime than AC equivalent; 3. 100% speed controllable, not frequency dependence. 4. Can be set-up for constant airflow or constant pressure applications, 0-10VDC or PWM control signal; 5. Electronic & power transformations are completely integrated within the motor.; 6. Speed can be driven up to 3600rpm, one EC fan replace multiple type of motors (2, 4 and 6 pole); 7. Easy connection : No complicated wiring and set-up with a frequency controller.

AC Axial Fan
Axial fans wide application in the following fields: HVAC, Refrigeration equipment, Telecommunication, IT industries, FCU and Heat exchanger, FFU~cleaning room, Building ventilation system, Railway technology, Purification business, Automobiles, Renewable Energy Equipment, etc.
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